Sharing Family Stories - A Presentation At The SCGS Jamboree

  • By Michael Katchen
  • June 5, 2012

This weekend, I’m excited to join thousands of genealogists from around the country at the 43rd annual Southern California Genealogy Jamboree in Los Angeles.

As a group that is passionate about family stories, genealogists are an important part of the 1000memories community. Over the past several months, many have taken advantage of our new collaboration features to share family stories with others. It’s been very rewarding to see genealogists use 1000memories to engage family members who, perhaps, don’t consider themselves genealogists, but nevertheless show a clear interest in family history.

What we’re seeing on 1000memories is a reflection of a much broader trend in the family history community. There are 1.8 trillion physical photos in the world - fragments of life stories lost in shoeboxes the world over. Social media and camera phones now make it possible not only to record and archive billions of digital biographies, but to assemble these fragments of memory to tell even richer stories.

At the conference, I’ll be addressing these major trends in my presentation, "How the Family Shoebox is Becoming Social", which is scheduled for Saturday afternoon. I’ll be at the conference all day Friday, so come say hi. I’ll be the one with the 1960s polaroid camera if you feel like have your vintage photo taken.

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