Introducing ShoeBox 2.0–Now On Android

  • By Michael Katchen
  • May 9, 2012

Today we’re unveiling Shoebox 2.0 and welcoming Android users into the ShoeBox family. There has never been a simpler, faster, and more beautiful way to scan your old photos.

Shoebox 2.0 puts a powerful photo-scanner in your pocket. Just take a picture of an old paper photo with your iPhone or Android camera, and our edge detection and perspective-correction technology will make sure that your scans turn out beautifully.

The completely redesigned ShoeBox app is available for download on iTunes and the Android Market. You can scan an unlimited amount of photos and it’s totally free.

What You’ll Find on ShoeBox 2.0

In today’s release, we’re introducing big improvements and new features:

Available for Android

Android users can now save and share the photos from their past with ShoeBox. We worked hard to bring you the best Android experience, and look forward to seeing your photos and hearing your feedback.

Organize your photos into "shoeboxes"

You can now seamlessly organize scans and photos in your camera library into shoeboxes. Shoeboxes are easy-to-make collections of photos from the past. Some are built to capture an event (1983 High School Graduation, for example). Others have broader themes (say, Santa Pictures). We’re thrilled to be one of the first apps that lets you organize photos directly on your mobile device.

Enhanced privacy controls

The new apps also make it easier to control your privacy settings. Instead of broadcasting content to an entire network of friends or followers, you can choose just the right family members and friends with whom to share. Simply choose the right setting for a shoebox and start adding photos to create a public or private collection.

Simpler, faster, and more beautiful

We’ve totally overhauled our design to make it cleaner and more intuitive. We’ve made your photos larger and faster than ever.

When we launched ShoeBox, we tried to imagine what the world would be like if every one of the 2 trillion paper photos on earth could be digitized and shared. With the release of ShoeBox for Android and ShoeBox 2.0, we’re a big step closer to making that goal a reality.

Download it for free on iTunes or the Android Market.

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