Welcome to the new 1000memories

  • By Rudy Adler
  • April 3, 2012
Welcome to a new 1000memories

Today, we’re proud to unveil a brand new version of 1000memories. Our incredible team has spent many days, weeks, and months listening to you and exchanging ideas about how to make sharing memories even easier and more rewarding. The result is a simplified new design, built around a simple but powerful new feature: shoeboxes.

Introducing Shoeboxes:
A new take on traditional photo albums

Shoeboxes are easy-to-make collections of photos from the past. Some are built to capture an event (1983 High School Graduation, for example). Others have broader themes (say, Santa Pictures).

Welcome to a new 1000memories

Here are a few reason we believe shoeboxing has the potential to enable sharing of old photos like never before.

Easy-to-make collections

It’s easier than ever to share and discover those long-forgotten photos from your past. Whether they are photos from pre-2000 and still in paper form, or from the digital camera era and now sitting on a hard drive.

All your photos in one place

Through shoeboxes, we are reinventing traditional photo albums by allowing you to invite different groups of family and friends to view and collaborate on any shoebox. Now, all the photos from a family event or vacation with friends can be collected in a single shoebox, rather than many disparate albums.

Easy to manage privacy

The selective sharing feature ensures that you have greater control over your privacy. Instead of broadcasting content to an entire network of friends or followers, you can choose just the right family members and friends with whom to share.

A beautiful new design

We’ve totally overhauled our design to make it cleaner and more intuitive. On first glance it will seem much less colorful than the previous site. We did this on purpose so your photos can hog all of the attention.

A partner to do the scanning for you

Building on the success of our mobile photo-scanning app, we’re announcing another helpful way to digitize those paper photos in your closet. We’re thrilled to introduce a partnership with ScanCafe, the global leader in professional scanning services. Starting today, 1000memories users can purchase exclusive ScanCafe scanning packages at 1000memories.com/scan. And for you ShoeBox app fans out there, the Android version is only a few weeks away.

Welcome to a new 1000memories

What these changes mean for existing users

Currently, the new site only supports photos and you will find all of your existing photos in the "uploads" and "photos of me" tabs in your profile. We plan to reintroduce other media types (videos, stories, audio files, and documents) soon, but until then your existing non-photo content can be found through the "archived content" link in your profile. To view your family tree, hover over the person icon in the top right corner of your browser and select "family tree".

Over the past few months, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of users breathe new life into their long-forgotten photos sitting in old albums and hard drives. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil these updates that will change the people people save and share photos from their past.

We’re excited for you to give the new site a try for yourself. We're already working on making shoeboxes even better, so if you have any questions and/or feedback please email us at Questions@1000memories.com.

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