Rescue your old home videos

  • By Brett Huneycutt
  • December 8, 2011
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The popularity of "ShoeBox," our free app that turns your cell phone into a handheld scanner, has made it clear that people want to get their shoeboxes of photos out of the closet and shared online with friends and family. That said, there’s still a collection we haven’t yet tackled, and it’s just as important - digitizing your old home videos.

Most video digitization services involve shifting one outdated media type to another (converting VHS to DVD, for example) only to discover that the new form will also deteriorate and we will soon have no player. The Super-8 and VHS tapes that are sitting in closets everywhere are at risk of being lost and contain some of our most treasured memories. We want to make sharing these videos easy for everyone.

Today we are proud to announce a partnership with Pixorial, a new kind of video digitizing service that makes rescuing, editing and sharing old home videos easier than ever.

Pixorial handles any type of video, from vintage film reels to home videos. Once your video has been digitized the digital file is automatically available online for you to view and download digital copies at any time. And best of all, Pixorial now integrates with 1000memories so you can share these videos, or snippets of them with friends and family. You’ll no longer have to worry about your videos being lost, as they’re saved on our website for future generations - it’s as close to permanent as you can get today.

I can personally attest to the power of video memories. Searching my family's shoebox back in Arizona I found an old 8mm film reel - unlabeled and substantially deteriorated. I shipped the film reels to Pixorial in a personal “ship-kit” they sent me, having no idea what the movies would contain. In just a few days, the videos were digitized and ready to view, and what a surprise it was—here was digitized footage of two wedding videos from the 1940s showing my grandmother and my great aunts and uncles, 70 years younger, interacting before my very eyes. The wonder of being able to travel back in time, seeing them as they were then, is almost impossible to describe - it’s something incredibly special. You can view the videos for yourself here.

It's astounding to think just how many videos we all have lying around in forms and formats that we can't access. Hours of life stories are waiting to be recovered. We hope that our partnership with Pixorial will help you finally get your home videos online, in a permanent place where your friends and family can enjoy them, forever.

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