How To Go Home: A Survival Guide to Life During the Holidays

  • By Helena Price
  • November 16, 2011

With Thanksgiving approaching, holidays are the few tried-and-true times when geographically-split families reconvene. While family holidays can be a wonderful time catch up with relatives, eat large quantities of home cooking, and sleep twelve hours a night in your childhood bed. That said, there are certain things that can pose challenges every year, such as explaining social media to your grandpa (again) or attempting to have a serious discussion about the artistic merits of Justin Bieber with your 13-year-old cousin (again).

Don't worry, we're here to help. We'd like to introduce How to Go Home, a holiday life-guide and photo competition in partnership with, just in time for Thanksgiving. Consider it your step-by-step guide to surviving family holidays. addresses all-too-common holiday issues (like those listed above), as well as gives you the opportunity to scan and enter your favorite Santa photos for the chance to be featured in a limited-edition holiday book, published through The book's cover photo will be selected by our panel of fantastic holiday experts, and that entrant will win a FREE plane ticket home for him/herself or a family member. No, really.

You can enter in one of two ways:
1) Tweet your photo [or a link to one] to us at @1000memories
2) Post your photo [or a link to one] on our Facebook wall

For more contest info, visit

Going home is the one time when you can bring your family together, pull out your old photo collections and ask your family for the stories behind them. From firsthand experience, we can tell you that the experience will not only help you survive the holidays, but find them to be really fun and rewarding from this point forward. We look forward to hearing how it goes.

To view the photo competition and holiday guide, visit

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