New privacy options to help customize your experience

  • By Jonathan Good
  • November 15, 2011

At 1000memories, we know that privacy is important to our users and we strongly believe in providing simple tools to let everyone customize the privacy of their online content. We've been hard at work building a larger range of privacy options for our users, we’ve added a suite of new tools to give you even more control.

Granular Customization: Content-Level Privacy

While we want to help people share and preserve as many of their old photos, handwritten letters and family mementos as possible, we also understand that there are some pieces of content that you may want to share with the world, and others only with a few people. Now you can easily set a custom privacy level for each photo, story, video, and audio recording you share, and you can do so before or after you upload. When uploading photos using ShoeBox, our iPhone scanning app, you will find a toggle option on "Step 5" where you can choose to upload that photo as public or private before it goes live. On, you will see a “Privacy” button to the right of any piece of content in your Shoebox that you click on - from there, you can adjust the privacy settings for that specific item.

Content privacy control

Full Customization: Google Search + Approving Followers

On 1000memories, we encourage you to follow your friends and family members so that you can keep up with the new content they're sharing. You can now turn on the “Approve Followers” option so that you are notified when someone wants to follow you, which you can approve or deny. Additionally, you have the ability to completely hide your page from Google and other search engines. Both these options are easily found by clicking the Settings tab that appears to the right of your name at the top of your page. You can then select privacy from the options and then customize to your heart's content.

We’re constantly working on new features and new options to enhance everyone's experience. If you have a request, suggestion, or question please don’t hesitate to contact us - we really appreciate your feedback.

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