Introducing Shoebox for iPhone: A Scanner in Your Pocket

  • By Jonathan Good
  • October 27, 2011
Introducing Shoebox

Introducing Shoebox

Today we are happy to announce the launch of Shoebox by 1000memories, the fastest way to scan old paper photos and share them with family and friends. This is the first mobile scanner of its kind—designed specifically to scan and record artifacts from the past. Most of our fondest memories are not online yet—they're hidden away in shoeboxes and tucked away in old photo albums, only to surface on the occasional holiday or family gathering. There are trillions of photos out there, waiting to be shared with friends and family, but getting them online has traditionally been difficult and time-consuming. Today we're changing that.

Shoebox Crop

Shoebox puts a scanner in your pocket. Just take a picture of an old paper photo with your iPhone camera, and our Grizzly Labs edge detection and perspective-correction technology will make sure that the paper photographs you scan turn out beautifully. You can record the stories behind the photographs by adding captions, dates, and location as well as tagging your relatives and friends; you can also invite others to view them and share their own photos.

Watch our teaser for the Shoebox launch:

Safe, Fast and High-Quality

Shoebox gives you many advantages; your photo can instantly be added to 1000memories and shared with friends and family. And it’s preserved forever through our special partnership with the Internet Archive. But what about quality? And that’s the best part of all—the quality of camera phones has increased so fast that your handy iPhone is now as good a scanner as the clunky piece of hardware you have next to your computer, and with none of the wires or drivers. Image quality is measured using resolution (DPI or dots per inch). The new iPhone 4S offers a 2448 x 3264 pixel camera. If you used the camera to scan a typical old 4”x6” photo using Shoebox you would achieve a DPI of almost 600—the same high quality recommended by scanning experts like ScanCafe. Here we use pixels per inch (PPI) which is the digital display equivalent.

You can really see the quality—take a look at this photo scanned and cropped using Shoebox.

iPhone 4s scanned image

Give it a try for yourself. Beginning today, you can download Shoebox for free from the App Store.. We're already working on making Shoebox even better, so if you have any questions and/or feedback please email us at

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